Fibo Premium Wall Panels

Easy clean finish and low maintenance

Waterproof and mould resistant

Easy install over existing surfaces

Looks just like tiles but without the hard work

With a wide range of designs, Fibo offers a 100% waterproof wall system for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms that require extra durable walls and easy cleaning. The wall panels come in full lengths and click together easily with the Fibo Aqualock feature. Approved under the Norwegian wet room standard and with a 25-year warranty.

Designed and made in Norway

Fibo waterproof panels come in a variety of on-trend styles that look just like traditional tiles.

This high quality plywood panelling range takes the hard work out of installation while providing a clean-cut, low-maintenance finish for indoor spaces.

Approved under the Norwegian wet room standard and with a 25-year warranty, they are the perfect solution for bathroom retro-fits and new build projects.

High quality composition

Each panel is crafted with 3 specialised sections consisting of a High-Pressure Laminate, a PEFC or FSC certified layered plywood core, and an enhanced moisture barrier. All Fibo panelling surfaces are proven to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, making them perfect for wet area applications such as bathrooms. 

Innovative installation

The unique Aqualock on all Fibo panels not only prevents moisture ingress that can lead to formation of bacteria, but its “click-lock” feature also makes installation much easier. Using Fibo panelling speeds up any renovation or new build project as they are much more efficient than installing traditional materials like tiles.