How to install PVC wall panels

A step by step guide to installing PVC wall panels

To ensure the PVC wall panel range looks as good as it possibly can, it is important that it is installed correctly. Read through our quick step by step guide to discover how to do it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s pretty much the very simple process of sticking each panel to the wall.

What do you need?

Tape measure

Spirit Level

Utility knife

Fine tooth saw

Silicone sealant

Set square

Panel adhesive

Non corrosive staples 14mm long, or non-corrosive nails/screws.

Staple gun, hammer, screwdriver

Mitre block

What do you need to do?

Product checks

Before you being, to ensure you do not get held up on the job, it is important to check over all your products.

  1. All batch numbers on your packages match.
  2. Wall panels have been checked for any defects or colour differences.
  3. The tongue and groove edges have been checked for dirt or damage.


To ensure a professional finish to your install, you must prepare the area before installation.

  1. The room has a temperature of between 18C/62F and 27C/80F.
  2. The panels are at room temperature.
  3. Old wall surface has been made as somooth as possible, with obvious lumps having been removed.
  4. Any tiles being left in place are firmly fixed to the wall.
  5. All dust and debris has been removed from the wall surface.

Measure and fix starter trims

Begin by measuring the base trim that will hold the base of the panels. Use a mitre block for a near edge cut if needed. Apply adhesive to the trim and the surface that will take the trim, and fix into place.

Seal joins

Ensure that any joins are thoroughly sealed to prevent possible gaps for leaks.

Install corner or edge trim

Next apply adhesive to the wall and trim for the vertical edge. If you are installing along a corner, start with the corner piece. If you are installing along just one wall, start with an edge trim.

Measure and cut panels

Prepare the panels ready for fixing by measuring each panel and cutting them to the required height.

Fit first panel

Apply panel adhesive to the rear of the wall panel, and also to the grove of the corner or edge trim you will be stating from. Slot the edge of the wall panel into the groove and push the panel firmly into place against the wall.

Seal panel edge

Apply a bead of sealant along the exposed tongue and groove edge. This will help ensure the water-tightness of all joins.

Repeat across the whole wall

Repeat this process of applying panel adhesive to the rear of the panel, fixing into place and sealing the open edge until you have covered the desired area with panels. Finish the row of panels by using an edge trim along the final exposed edge.

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