Interior decorating products for every project at Celuplast

Perhaps you have multiple bathrooms to remodel, or a big office fit-out lined up. Whatever the project, at Celuplast we have a full range of interior products that are suitable to complete stunning spaces in both commercial and domestic settings. With our easy-to-install interior range, you can get everything you need in one place without going elsewhere. Comprising waterproof decorative wall and ceiling panels, luxury vinyl flooring and surface protection, you can finish a room from floor to ceiling in no time.

Wall and Ceiling Decorating Panels

Neptune 250

The Neptune 250mm decorating wall panels are made of hollow PVC. The composition allows for light handling and easy installation. Waterproof and easy to clean this is a low-maintenance collection available in a variety of classic designs. Equally suitable for ceiling application, the Neptune 250 panels also come in 4m lengths removing the need for joining when spanning rooms. Alternatively, the 2.6m long panels can be used on ceilings but will require the joining of the panels end-to-end. In addition to this fabulous range, are the stone tile alternative Neptune 250 Tile Effect panels that offer a tile effect without the need for grouting.

Motivo 250

This range of 250mm-wide hollow PVC panels offers a selection of contemporary designs. Including wood and stone effects, they are a stunning lightweight choice that will suit any room including bathrooms.

Neptune 1000

The Neptune 1000 Mega Panel collection is an impressive 1m wide, which caters for faster installation. Slightly thicker at 10mm for stability, these hollow panels are still lightweight. They are also perfect for shower enclosures and wet room walls as there won’t be a need for any joins, maintaining a smooth finish. 


The Atlantis decorative wall panels are 1,220mm wide and 2,440mm long. This tile alternative, solid laminate range is 3mm thick and makes the perfect backdrop behind sinks in a kitchen or utility. Additionally, the designs feature a bevel embossed tile and grout effect and are available in high gloss shades. This is a versatile decorative solution for any wet room, shower, bathroom, or kitchen that can be installed in half the time of traditional tiles.

PVC decorative wall panels Atlantis white


A designer tile-effect decorating product that doesn’t need grouting. Quick and easy to install on large projects, there are contemporary concrete and stone effects. Water-resistant and fire-rated, this product range also comes with a 5-year guarantee.


Trims for wall panels

PVC and aluminium trims are available to suit panel size, thickness and style and type of application. These wall panel trims also come in different colours for better style matching with the different panel designs. Easy to install they make finishing a decorating job even simpler.

Luxury Tile-alternative panelling


Norwegian-designed Fibo wooden wall panels are a luxury alternative to tiling and other traditional decorating methods. Available in a range of fabulous designs, these wall panels are easy to install, 100% waterproof and anti-bacterial. A favourite for commercial or high-end installation, without the need for grouting, this collection will wow your customers and will be easy to maintain for years to come. This range also comes with a 25-year warranty.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When decorating a room, you can’t ignore the floor. Naturally, at Celuplast we also stock high-quality luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring suitable for every room. Our luxury vinyl flooring range consists of two collections, Clever Click and Clever Click Plus. Both are 4.5mm thick, water-resistant, slip-resistant* and low maintenance, perfect for all decorating jobs. Additionally, both collections are available in stunning wood plank and stone tile designs that complement our decorative wall solutions.

Moreover, with Clever Click technology this flooring solution does not require the use of adhesives like other vinyl flooring systems. This range is a smart solution to traditional flooring, as it can be installed over existing floor surfaces such as concrete, or tiles. Similarly, this flooring can be used on top of underfloor central heating*. This means you can easily lay the floor and quickly get working on the next job. Both collections also come with manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind.

*Refer to manufacturer guidelines.

Clever Click

More durable than traditional wood, Clever click flooring has a wear layer of PU 0.30mm. The manufacturer warranty is 12 years for residential applications and 5 years for commercial. In summary, this flooring collection is a good all-rounder that will stand up to everyday use in any room.

Clever Click Plus

For projects with large high-traffic areas such as a shop floor, Clever Click Plus would be preferred as it has a thicker wear layer (PU 0.50mm). This collection also comes with a much longer, 10-year commercial guarantee and 20-year Residential guarantee.

Flooring accessories

Flooring Underlays

We recommend installing flooring underlays to get the best out of the luxury vinyl flooring system. Our easy-roll underlays smooth out subfloor irregularities such as chipped tiles and can improve thermal conductivity with underfloor heating. The recyclable, Xtrafloor Power underlay is lightly tacky to prevent LVT and LVP movement during installation and has a protective film so you can carry on with other work.  This flooring underlay is great for any residential project and provides great sound insulation. However, for rooms that will have lots of footfall, the XTRAfloor GO boasts superior sound reduction.

Starter Kit

Floors get dirtier quicker than most things in a room, which is why we stock a Starter Kit with a floor hand roller for easy installation and maintenance of our luxury flooring range. Quick flooring maintenance helps keep the floor looking its best for longer.

Surface Protection

At Celuplast we understand that decorating jobs can get a bit messy, so we stock a selection of surface protectors for easy cleaning at the end. Completing our interior range, we have protective films for carpets and hard floors to glass protection. So, you can easily protect your freshly laid floor while getting started on the walls.

Work smarter, not harder and find everything you need in the Celuplast interior range.

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