VELUX roof windows

Add VELUX roof windows to your space and you can double the daylight as well as control the ventilation. VELUX are market leaders in roof windows, offering solutions to suit all requirements. Whether you’re converting an attic, or looking to build an extension, speak to us to find out about the best options for your needs.

Double the daylight

Controlled at the touch of a button

Automatic rain sensors

Partnered with the Guardian Warm Roof

The VELUX range

Solutions for all requirements

Whatever your project, the VELUX roof window range has something to suit your needs. If you are looking for a full, open view of your skyline, then the top hung VELUX roof window is the best option for you. Alternatively, the top control bar of the central pivot VELUX roof window allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent bottom-operated window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated.

As market leaders VELUX offer the latest technology in their roof windows. Electric and solar powered VELUX INTEGRA roof windows can be controlled at the touch of a button. Plus, there is no need to worry if you forget to close them in the rain – rain sensors automatically monitor the outside enviroment and close the windows when needed.

VELUX and Guardian Warm Roof

Guardian Warm Roof and VELUX have partnered to offer the best conservatory roof with the best roof windows.

The Guardian Warm Roof is the ideal solution for fully insulated replacement solid conservatory roofs. By including VELUX roof windows in your award winning Guardian Warm Roof, you can maintain the daylight and bright feel of your conservatory space, whilst significantly improving energy efficiency.

Guardian Home Extension

The Guardian Home Extension, built using the Kingspan TEK® Building System and Guardian Warm Roof technology, can now incorporate VELUX roof windows.

The Guardian Home Extension is factory-built for consistently high quality and offers huge financial and performance advantages over conventional extensions.

All components are fabricated to specification off site, and delivered ready for assembly.

Loft Conversion

With their vast array of options, VELUX roof windows are the must have window for any loft conversion.

The classic central pivot or top hung options continue to prove the most popular VELUX roof windows when considering a loft conversion. However VELUX are always pushing their technology and loft conversions can now benefit from designs such as VELUX CABRIO, which opens to form an innovative balcony.

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