VistaPan Lightweight Roofing System

High-grade steel with Aluzinc® coating for incredible strength and weather protection.

VistaPan’s distinct profile and charcoal colourway can enhance a wide variety of small building projects, from our beloved toolsheds to the popular garden office.

Quick and easy installation

Caps and fixings included

Perfect for a range of applications

High quality at a sensible price

VistaPan: An innovative roofing system

Installation is quick and easy – there’s no need for cutting, and all barge boards, ridges, end caps and fixings are included.

If you are searching for a good looking, high quality roof at a sensible price, VistaPan is what you’re looking for.


Ideal for:

  • Chalets
  • Play houses
  • Toolsheds
  • Garden offices
  • Summerhouses
  • Stables
  • Annexes
  • Animal shelters
  • Pool houses
  • Garages
  • Workshops

Vista pan Tiles Grey 860mm x 1100mm

42.47 VAT incl.

Vista pan Angle Ridge 900mm

26.14 VAT incl.

Vista pan Barge 900mm

26.14 VAT incl.

Vista pan Ridge End Caps

16.33 VAT incl.

Quick and easy to install

VistaPan multiple tile sheets simply overlap to fit any size of roof – with no waste. VistaPan’s unique system involves no difficult cutting or bending.

How does VistaPan work?

Each component is designed to overlap and be screw-fixed together. You can fit any size of roof by overlapping the tile sheets by any combination of full tile widths, both vertically and horizontally. Barge Boards can be overlapped to fit any length at the eaves, and provide a watercourse underneath the tiles. Similarly Ridges can overlap to accommodate any length. Ridge End Caps are used to finish off at the ridge ends. All the pieces are designed to be screwed down using special waterproof fixings.

What VistaPan be installed on top of?

Always work on a sturdy nailable base, tile battens or purlins. For battens set out at 480mm from front of batten to front of battens. We recommend using a good quality underlay. In the case of refurbishment, an existing roof covering (e.g. bitumen sheets or shingle tiles) need not be pulled down, it can serve as an underlay.

Do I need a heavy roof structure?

No. VistaPan is incredibly light, weighing only 6kg/m2 so there is no need for excessive roof structures.

Is a VistaPan roof easy to plan?

Yes. Every VistaPan Tile Sheet has 35 tiles: 5 tiles wide by 7 tiles deep. Simply work out the number of sheets you will need to cover your roof area, using the dimensions on the right. There’s no need to cut as each VistaPan tile sheet can be overlapped by using a full tile shape both in width and in depth (overlap one, two, three, four tiles, etc, as required).

What tools will I need?

You only need a power screwdriver and a metal or nibbling shear (for finishing touches) to install your roof. VistaPan’s unique system involves no cutting or bending.

What is VistaPan made from?

Each component is made from high grade steel, primed with a water-based acrylic, coated with Aluzinc® (55% Aluminium, 45% Zinc) and bonded with coloured stone granules. The result is incredibly strong, lightweight and resistant roofing that will withstand fire, storm, hail and snow. It is also resistant to corrrosive atmospheric conditions.

Should I allow for wastage?

No. If you plan correctly there should be no wastage at all.

How long does it last and is it guaranteed?

A VistaPan roof is expected to last in excess of 20 years and comes with a 15 year no-quibble guarantee (subject to adherance of installation instructions).

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