PVC and Polycarbonate Sheets

Our Polycarbonate and PVC sheeting products are suitable for both home a commercial applications. They provide UV protection and are weather resistant. They are lightweight and easy to handle roofing, glazing and cladding materials.
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Improves energy efficiency

Can achieve a U-Value as low as 0.83 w/m2k

Reduces carbon footprint of a building

Long life UV barrier protection

Multi-wall Polycarbonate

A remarkable insulating glazing product manufactured from damage resistant polycarbonate with added co-extruded longlife protection against UV weathering.

A high performance UV protection layer co-extruded on one or both sides of the sheet prevents UV rays from penetrating the sheet, protecting people by filtering out over 98% of damaging UV radiation.

Reduces the need for artificial lighting whilst reducing heat loss thereby improving the overall energy efficiency of the building
Can achieve U-values as low as 0.83 W/m2K and can help reduce the carbon footprint of a building
Can achieve excess of 80% light transmission
Long life UV protection barrier protects the product from weathering and yellowing under the sun, prolonging the life of the polycarbonate

Up to 200 times stronger than glass

Multi-wall Polycarbonate glazing is up to 200 times stronger than glass and, with its high impact resistance, it’s the ideal glazing material for a wide range of applications where the product may be exposed
to risk of damage.

Suitable for use in hot or cold temperature extremes

This strength is maintained over a broad temperature range making Multi-wall Polycarbonate suitable for use in applications that experience hot or cold temperature extremes.

Bright and strong

Multi-wall Polycarbonate sheets offer excellent light transmission, exceptional impact resistance and an outstanding strength to weight ratio making a far superior option compared to other similar glazing materials.
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