Meet Paul Murphy, the face behind the Celuplast Trade Counter

Over the past 19 months, Paul has been training on the Celuplast Trade Counter and will continue to take care of day-to-day operations. Here we spoke to Paul about what it’s like to work in his position in Celuplast.

“I enjoy working on the trade counter as it’s a friendly place to work. It’s exciting meeting new people and building relationships with our customers”.

Paul Murphy Sales, Celuplast Trade Counter

What is your experience?

Since moving back home to Ireland from Australia I have been consistently learning on the job at the Celuplast trade counter. Celuplast provides extensive training opportunities, and because I could actively learn about the operations and products from the get-go, I can confidently help customers with any product in the Celuplast offering.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Looking after the day-day operations, I get in slightly earlier every morning to catch up with the team, grab a cup of tea and get an overview of any big orders, customer visits and other priorities for that day. For instance, if there is a particularly large collection order, I will organise things so that the customer experience is as efficient as possible and ensure the showroom and counter areas are safe.

Next, I typically ensure the stock levels on the shop floor are adequate so that walk-in customers can easily browse and find what they need. This could be anything in our landscaping, outdoor building, and interior ranges. I am happy to help customers who need assistance with any of the products, especially if they aren’t sure what will suit their project or problem. When we have new product launches, I will also install the new product displays and get them in top shape, all ready for our customers.

Additionally, throughout the day I’m on hand to take sales and of course help customers with any queries.

Are you an expert on a particular product range?

I would say I have a special knack for interior decorative panelling, decking and roofline products. However, I am knowledgeable with all the products at the Trade counter, but if there is something I can’t answer I will direct the customer in the right direction to get their issue resolved.

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Paul Murphy - Celuplast Trade Counter

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