Acrylic Roof Coating 5kg Grey

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TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating Overlay is a one component polymeric composition. This repair system is ready for use and cold applied on leaking roofs, gutters and similar structures.

Due to it’s all-weather application properties and ease of use, Acrylic Roof Coating Overlay is a popular choice for:

  • day to day refurbishment of leaking industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs
  • flat roof general patching repairs

TriRoof Acrylic contains fibres that form a membrane which can bridge small gaps and cracks as well as increase the strength of the waterproof coating.

Adheres to almost any properly prepared surface including felt, slate, bitumen, asphalt, brick, metal, asbestos, GRP and plastic.

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✓  TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating provides an instant remedy for leaks in all weather conditions
✓  Contains fibres that provide extra strength and resilience to weathering
✓  In emergency situations, it can be applied successfully under water
✓  Solar reflective
✓  Supplied in 5kg and 20kg tins