Geocel Gun Grade Expanding Foam (750ml)

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Moisture curing, polyurethane foam suitable for gap filling around door and window frames.

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  • Suitable for gap filling around window
  • Expands and moulds itself to surface irregularities
  • Can be cut, sawn, sanded, painted or plastered over
  • For use with a foam gun

How to use

  • Remove loose particles and dust, surfaces should also be free of oil and grease
  • Mask areas to avoid unwanted contamination of surrounding substrates
  • Moisten surfaces with water
  • Wear gloves and protective eyewear during use
  • Shake can well before use
  • Carefully screw the can onto the foam gun ensuring not to tilt or overwind the can
  • Operate the gun’s trigger immediately in order to fill the gun body with foam
  • Adjust the gun to the required bead width using the metering screw
  • Foam is dispensed by pulling the trigger. Note: the can should only be used in an upside-down position.
  • Always leave the can on the gun when not in use, and ensure that the metering screw is tightly closed
  • Immediately replace an empty can with a new one
  • The tip of the gun must always be cleaned thoroughly with gun cleaner prior to storing to prevent clogging

If material is unlikely to be used for a period in excess of 4 weeks, the gun should be purged using gun cleaner. Gun cleaner should never be left on a gun once cleaning has been completed.

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