HydroSil Pro Grade Silicone Roof 18.9L

Hydrosil is a professional grade 100% silicone roof coating with superb adhesion to all common roofing substrates & due to the silicone durability it forms an excellent long term resistance to natural weathering, extreme temperatures, UV, rain & snow.

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Hydrosil provides the following benefits over a PU product:
• Coverage - 25kg of Hydrosil covers 23/24m2 as against 25Kg of PU covering 15/16m2 (one & a half times better)
• Hydrosil is a single coat application whereas most common PU systems require a top coat
• No primer is required with Hydrosil - PU systems should be used in conjunction with a primer in which the primer forms a chemical bond with the PU coating in order for it to adhere correctly. If this window of opportunity is missed (usually 2 hours) the coating could be susceptible to adhesion issues.
• Hydrosil has a unique liquid applied & easy to install seam sealer for all joints & detailing work which like the coating can be applied by brush or roller. PU’s require reinforcement fabric or jointing tape for this type of application which therefore adds many hours of labour to each specific job.
• Hydrosil is shower resistant in 60 - 120 mins & touch dry in 2/6
• Hydrosil is self levelling & unaffected by ponding/ standing water
• Hydrosil is suitable for foot traffic after 24 hrs.
• Hydrosil product warranty is 10 years based on the one coat system & this is based on a thickness of 0.74mm of coating - if the coating thickness is double so is the length of the product warranty.

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