Geocel Polyurethane Gun Cleaner (500ml)

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A professional foam gun cleaner, which dissolves and removes uncured polyurethane foam.

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Geocel Polyurethane Gun Cleaner removes fresh, uncured PU-foam.

How to use

  • A suitable waste container and a cloth should be at hand for disposal of waste fluids and wiping away cleaner fluid and dissolved PU foam residues.
  • Remove the PU foam can from the gun. Use the spray head on the Geocel Polyurethane Gun Cleaner can to clean the adapter part and the outer body of the gun.
  • Remove the red spray head from the Geocel Polyurethane Gun Cleaner can and carefully screw the can on to the gun. For safety reasons, the gun trigger should be pulled whilst screwing on the cleaner can. This will depressurise the gun.
  • Pull the trigger to purge the gun. As soon as cleaning fluid appears at the tip of the gun, release the trigger and allow the cleaner to work inside the gun for approximately two minutes, and then flush out the gun into a waste container.
  • Repeat this procedure until only clear cleaner fluid comes from the gun.
  • Once the cleaning procedure is completed, unscrew the Geocel Polyurethane Gun Cleaner can from the gun.

Only fresh foam can be removed with Geocel Polyurethane Gun Cleaner. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically.

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