TriRoof HPX 14kg

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Hybrid Polymer Sealant

TriRoof HPX is the ultimate roofing overlay system. This product is ready to use straight out of the tin – no mixing, no separate hardeners and no primer required for most substrates!

HPX is a product that can be used throughout the four seasons, meaning no downtime for roofers even when it’s raining. This system will adhere to almost all building substrates including asphalt, felt, rubber, concrete, metal and flooring. It is available in a dark grey finish.
HPX can also be used for wet rooms and wet areas (under-tile) in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and auxiliary rooms.
For additional peace of mind, this product comes with a 10 year and 20 year guarantee depending on application method.
**Flex primer must be used if HPX has been applied on any untested surfaces such as **Asphalt and Bitumen** Guarantees will only be valid on these surfaces if Flex primer has been used**

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Key Features

✓ Can be applied to damp surfaces
✓ No primer/No mixing
✓ Adheres to the most common building substrates
✓ Suitable for use on gullies and flashings
✓ Self-levelling
✓ 10 & 20 year guarantee options*
✓ Environmentally friendly – free from isocyanates and bitumen
✓ Extremely flexible (up to 300% its normal size)
✓ Trade and DIY use
✓ Highly affordable