How to install Clever Click vinyl flooring

Apr 23, 2020 | How to guides | 0 comments

How to install Clever Click vinyl flooring

A step by step guide to installing Clever Click vinyl flooring

To ensure the Clever Click vinyl flooring range looks as good as it possibly can, it is important that it is installed correctly. Read through our quick step by step guide to discover how to do it yourself. Don’t worry, you won’t make a mess – there’s no adhesives or glues involved.

What do you need?

Sweeping brush

Vacuum cleaner


Utility knife

Rubber roller

Set square


Supplied spacers

What do you need to do?

Product checks

Before you being, to ensure you do not get held up on the job, it is important to check over all your products.

  1. All batch numbers on your packages match.
  2. Floor panels have been checked for any defects or colour differences.
  3. The tongue and groove edges have been checked for dirt or damage.
  4. Floor panel packs have been mixed to ensure varying patterns.


To ensure a professional finish to your install, you must prepare the area before installation.

  1. The room has a temperature of between 18C/62F and 27C/80F.
  2. The panels are at room temperature.
  3. Old floor surface has been made smooth.
  4. All dust and debris has been removed from the floor surface.

Measure and cut the first row

Measure the length for the first row of panels to work out how many you will require. For all panels to be used in the first row, use a utility knife to remove the lower groove lip; this will ensure the panels fit flush to the wall.

Lay the first row

Lay the panels one by one with the cut edge (where you removed the lip) is against the wall. Click each panel into place using the tongue and groove Clever Click system. We recommend using a rubber roller to ensure a firm click is made between each panel. When you reach the last panel of the row it may need to be cut to fit – do so using a utility knife. A set square will ensure you make a neat cut.

Lay subsequent rows

Once the first row is complete, you can move onto the remaining rows. For a natural look we recommend that you stagger the edges of the panels and do not fit them inline with the previous row. The easiest way to achieve this is to begin a new row using the off-cut piece from the previous row. Fit consecutive rows by tilting the panels at a 25-degree angle and slotting into the previous rows tongue.

Complete the floor

Repeat the process until you have completed the entire room. Remember to use the rubber roller over each click joint to ensure a firm join is made and that the panels remain in place.

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