How to install composite decking

Aug 16, 2020 | How to guides | 0 comments

How to install composite decking

A step by step guide to installing composite decking

Laying composite decking might seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s easy when you know how. Learn how to do it yourself with our handy installation guide.

What do you need to do?

Align the decking joists

 Joists must be laid on a solid, flat surface, like concrete. DuraDek recommends that you do not fix joists directly to foundations and that joist centres are no greater than 300mm, except when fitting joists on the diagonal where DuraDek recommends that joist centres are 250mm and you work from the centre out.

    Measure the board overhang

     Ensure there is only a 10mm board end overhang from joists.

      Fix the fence post

      Place double joists under butt joints, with one clip each side of the butt joints.

      Fix the starter clips

      Fix the DuraDek stainless steel starter clips using 3mm x 25mm stainless steel screws.

      Lay the decking panels

      Lay your decking panels, fixing them in place using DuraDek stainless steel fixing clips and 3mm x 25mm stainless steel screws. Ensure to leave a minimum 8mm gap between butt jointed boards.

      Leave a gap at the walls

      Provide a minimum 20mm gap between the edge of your decking and any adjacent wall. 

      Fix your panels using DuraDek fixing clips.

      Fix your DuraDek panels with DuraDek stainless steel fixing clips. Ensure to leave a gap of minimum 5mm between each board.