How to install garden fencing

Apr 28, 2020 | How to guides | 0 comments

How to install garden fencing

A step by step guide to installing garden fencing

Putting up a garden fence might seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s easy when you know how. Learn how to do it yourself with our handy installation guide.

What do you need to do?

Align the fence posts

Space each fence post base 1,800mm apart on top of the concrete foundation and mark the holes required for the bolt.

Fix post base

Pre-drilling a 12mm hole, then use the expansion bolt to fix the post base to the foundation.

Fix the fence post

Slide the fence post over the fence post base. When the fence post reaches the bottom of the fence post base fix using bolts and a small wrench.

Slide in bottom frame and panels

Insert the bottom frame into the groove of each post. Begin installing the panels by inserting the first fence board into the groove of each post and slide it to the bottom.

Install remaining panels and top frame

Insert the remaining 12 fence boards one by one, before installing the top frame. Fix the top frame on the top fence board using a bolt.

Cap the posts

Insert the post side covers into the grooves on each side of the fence posts. Clip the post cap into the top of the fence post.

Completed panel and repeat

Repeat this process along the length of your fenced area.

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