Kerrafront Cellular Cladding

Sep 18, 2020 | Garden Design | 0 comments

Kerrafront Cellular Cladding

Providing Safety and Quality Design for Domestic Cladding Projects.

Introducing the Kerrafront Modern Wood and Trend collections.
The durable cladding which has the appearance of modern wood with all the advantages of foam technology – making it weather resistant and maintenance free!

What is Kerrafront cellular cladding?

Kerrafront is a modern facade cladding, which, once installed, doesn’t require any maintenance during use. Other materials such as wood, must be painted on a regular basis, which requires time and money – no thank you! Thanks to innovative Kerracore technology, Kerrafront is extremely durable and weather resistant. It does not fade and does not deform due to sunlight and temperature.

Kerrafront cladding guarantees savings! Protecting the interior of the building and preventing heat loss. It also provides good air circulation, putting an end to mould and fungus.

The large Kerrafront boards low weight and built-in clasps make the cladding assembly fast and easy. Kerrafront is 100% waterproof, and its cut edges do not require any additional protection.

Modern Wood Collection

What distinguishes the Modern Wood collection from other cladding types? The new shape of the double profile.

Kerrafront is one of few cladding solutions which boasts the appearance of modern wood facades while keeping all the perks of foam technology. Modern Wood boards have a matte finish and a pressed pattern of wood structure. They are offered in three colours – beige, quartz grey and anthracite grey.

Trend Collection

Kerrafront Trend is a collection inspired by nature – stone and minerals. The collection is available in two design versions: Stone – with natural stone image and Soft – with a subtle, monochromatic shade.
The new line follows the current trends in architecture, which are moving towards simple, large forms. Creating modern elevation with a flat surface is now possible, thanks to the new shape. It definitely stands out against the crowd!

The possibility to install new boards vertically or horizontally gives freedom of design and possibility to join it with other kinds of materials. Trend collection is available for single boards in anthracite grey.