Build Diary: Guardian Home Extension – Week Three

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Build Diary: Guardian Home Extension

Week three in the diary of a Guardian Home Extension build in Dublin.
It’s week three of Sara and Stephen’s Guardian Home Extension and VELUX roof windows build, and we’re back with them to see how the build is going. If you missed the previous instalments, you might want to catch up on Guardian Home Extension: Week Two Build Diary. This week saw the outside of Sara and Stephen Guardian Home Extension boarded and the internal designs begin to take shape. Read on to discover how they’re finding the build so far.

Let’s hear from the homeowner

We’re three weeks into the build and the progress already is quite amazing. I never thought that by this early stage, we’d have something that feels like it’s nearly there. I don’t want to tempt fate, but I’m actually starting to believe that we really will have a finished extension by the time the baby arrives.


Homeowner, Dublin

Build week three

We ended last week with the roof boarded and the whole build weatherproofed, as well as the VELUX roof windows and sliding door in place. As you can see, progress this week has been to board the walls externally ready for rendering, and to begin prepping inside ready for plastering. Week three has seen:
  • Side window installed.
  • Walls boarded externally.
  • Electric first fix done.
  • Internal walls and ceiling plasterboarded.

Day one

Week three commenced with insulation panels being fitted inside the Guardian Home extension. You can see the insulation panel over the window – this was later cut out when the window was fitted.

Day two

Externally, battens were fitted around the Guardian Home Extension. Once the battening is completed, the wall boarding commenced ready for rendering.

Day three

It’s now we see some bit changed inside the Guardian Home Extension; internal work sees with the remaining former supporting well being removed. The first fix of electrical work is also laid down.

Day four

Plasterboard’s go up, ready for plastering. This stage is the first time the internal space of the Guardian Home Extension starts to resemble a home, rather than a building site.

Day five

The final day of week three sees the outside of the Guardian Home Extension pulled together. The external walls boarded ready for rendering, and this step allows you to see exactly how much the home has been transformed.

What’s next?

The first three weeks of the our Guardian Home Extension have highlighted just how quickly you can have a watertight build with the internal first fix completed. The outside walls are ready for rendering, while internally we’re ready for plastering.

Externally, other than rendering all that remains is the roof finish. Internally we’re ready for plastering and decor. Join us next week as this Guardian Home Extension approaches completion.

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