Eco-Friendly Garden Design

Sep 11, 2020 | Garden Design | 0 comments

Eco-Friendly Garden Design

Make the most of what you have while helping our environment

Looking for ways you can make your outside space more eco-friendly? We share our tips on how to create a garden that respects the environment as well as looking beautiful.

Eco-friendly, composite decking of dreams!

The first step to create your eco-friendly garden design is: to step onto your brand new, eco-friendly, DuraDek composite deck. This gorgeous deck is not only quick and easy to install, it’s extremely eco-friendly aswell. Unlike traditional timber, our composite decking doesn’t rot and needs little to no maintenance. No varnishing, no treatments, and no oiling necessary puts an end to pumping those harmful toxins into the environment and a start to decking that looks the part, without doing the damage.

Whether it is the first thing you see when you walk out your back door, or tucked away into one of your garden’s cosy corners, DuraDek will give you all the looks, with a lot less hassle. A high-performance eco-friendly wood alternative, that offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwood without all the time and expense of regular maintenance – what could be better.


Eco-friendly, rubber matting!

It’s important your garden space is not only pretty, it has to be practical. This is especially true for gardens where there are little ones running around. Our various ranges of eco-friendly matting are exactly what you need to make sure your garden is fashionable and functional.

Our Rubberlok safety tiles are perfect for creating safe, play areas for your kids outdoors – and they are made of 100% recycled material! How much more eco-friendly can you get? These tiles are shock absorbant for falls up to 3 metres, keeping your kids safe whil adding a vibrant flare to your garden design.

Whether you want to create a play area, safety zone under your swings, or even an outdoor gym area in your garden for those fitness fanatics, Rubberlok is your only man. 

SafetyGrass rubber matting is ideal for grassed sites requiring extra protection from heavy traffic and erosion. If your garden area is heavily used, these mats are your best friend. SafetyGrass allows grass to grow through the 25mm holes, while protecting the ground under it. SafetyGrass rubber matting is durable, slip resistant and impact absorbing – making it the perfect product to hide under swing sets and see-saws. These mats are made from 100% recycled material and will keep your grass, and your kids safe.

Get an eco-friendly lawn that will make neighbours green with envy!

We recommend fitting your garden with DuraGrass artificial grass – the eco-friendly landscaping solution that will give you the lawn you have been hoping for. Duragrass looks and feels like real grass, without the hassle of fertilising and putting harmful products back into the earth. Not only that but DuraGrass conserves water, as you won’t have to be out watering your lawn in that summer heat to keep it looking vibrant. DuraGrass uses only base materials, making it extra eco-friendly as it does not contain any organic matter which will rot away over time. If you want the lawn that all the neighbours are talking about – DuraGrass is the answer!

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