How to keep your gutters in tip top shape

Oct 8, 2020 | How to guides, Garden Design, Spring Cleaning | 0 comments

How to keep your gutters in tip top shape

Declutter your gutters.

Get your minds on your gutters with this helpful blog to discuss all things gutters! From cleaning methods to installation, read it all here. Gutters may not be the most exciting topic, but they play a big role in everyone’s home upkeep and are not to be ignored. Here at Celuplast we want to tell you exactly how you can declutter your gutter and have your house winter ready.

The importance of clean gutters

So let’s talk about gutters…. sounds pretty boring, right? Maybe, but gutters are an essential part of every home functionality and it’s important we don’t just ignore them.

Gutters don’t just collect the rain and snow from the roof of your home and send it on it’s way to a drainage system. Gutters also make sure that rainwater or melted snow won’t find its way into tiny cracks in your walls or foundation and cause minor or lasting damage. The best way for gutters to work with total efficiency, however, is to keep debris out and allow water in. Make sure that leaves, sticks, rocks, dirt, bugs, and any other objects that might cause a blockage are regularly cleared out, so your gutters can work as best as they possibly can. It’s a small step but one that can really prevent long-term damage to the foundations of your home, so why skip it?

The importance of checking your gutters

It is not just clogged gutters we have to worry about. Tree falls  during any kind of weather storm can easily knock your gutters off their fasteners or shift the pitch of the water flow so that your gutters can’t work efficiently for the rest of the season. It’s easy to forget about your gutters and their health, but your home will always need the best protection. In these scenario’s it is vital to get that gutter sorted, as soon as possible to make sure it can keep on protecting your home. Whether you are experiencing the build-up of leaves in autumn, the threat of the winter weather headed your way, spring pollen and mold accumulation, or the effects of the summer heat, your gutters need a solid plan in place to ensure their health and your home’s health year-round.

Celuplast’s solutions

  1. Fit your gutter with our amazing Gutterbrush. Simply pop the gutterbrush in and let it work it’s magic. Our gutterbrush will keep harmful debris out, while allowing water in. The perfect product for every gutter.
  2. Regularly check your gutters for damage, shifts and tears. If your gutters or downpipes have been damaged after a long run of bad weather or just general wear and tear, call us today on 01 832 6210. As well as being one of Ireland’s premier suppliers of high quality, affordable uPVC roofline products we also can connect you with a nationwide network of experienced installers.
  3. Keep ’em clean. Make sure to clean your gutters and gutterbrush every once in a while. Regular, small cleans will keep your gutters healthy while avoiding the need for huge, messy cleaning jobs once a year.

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