Luxury Vinyl Flooring – What is it and Why You Need it!

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring - What is it and Why You Need it!

All you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring - from the what to the how, we've got it covered!

Whether you’re finally getting around to that glamorous home makeover, or looking for ways to revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank, luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect fit! This easy to install, easy to maintain flooring solution will set all eyes on your fabulous floors!

All you need to know about Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is certainly one of the most favourited flooring solutions nowadays due to a number of fantastic qualities. It is economical, durable, gorgeous, and offers many other advantages that attract customers all over the world.

Vinyl flooring has been one of the most popular choices to cover floors since day dot. It doesn’t matter if it is homeowners opting for it or offices and small businesses, people are buying and installing laminate flooring because it works in all setups.

In this blog piece, we disclose everything you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring. From perks to to precautions, read it all here.

The perks to luxury vinyl flooring

The number one quality of vinyl flooring is that it is extremely durable. Your vinyl flooring really can last for years! Our luxury vinyl flooring is synthetic and is literally made to last you a lifetime. As the technologies being used to produce vinyl flooring get better and better, our flooring does to – ensuring even more durability.

Our luxury vinyl floors are most definitely a more cost effective way to reinvent your space. Since vinyl simply has the appearance of real wood or tile and isn’t actually a natural material, it is cheaper to produce. This makes vinyl floors a lot less expensive than other options. This allows anyone and everyone to fit beautiful floors in their home or office space at an affordable price.

The perks don’t just stop there! Vinyl flooring consists of multiple layers, which protect each other. The layer at the top, or “wear layer” as it is called, protects the flooring underneath. This layer acts as a barrier against dents and scratches. That is why your vinyl flooring will stay looking newer for longer, keeping your home or office just as glamorous as the day of installation.

Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install. Wave goodbye to hiring installers and specialists, this is a job that you truly can DIY! Once you get used to the basics clicking our vinyl boards down and then no one can stop you! After that, even a large area can be done in a couple of days. Even if you do want that little bit of extra help, the cost of installation will be at a minimum as it is not a tasking install.

If that list of perks hasn’t made up your mind this one will! Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to clean! Once you make sure you regularly sweep and mop the floors, you have absolutely no problems. Keeping your floor clean makes sure there is no dirt build up on the floor to allow for dents or scratches to be made. Consistent cleaning allows your laminate floor to be shiny and scratch free for decades.

What to consider when installing

  • If you want to install vinyl flooring, make sure that the subfloor beneath it is clean and clear of any sharp objects that may damage it from the bottom. This is extremely important as vinyl is softer than other floor types. We woul advise laying our Xtrafloor Base Underlay before installation to ensure you get the smoothest floor possible.
  • It is advised that you use furniture pads below heavy objects, like large couches or appliances, to keep your floors as safe and dent free as possible. Vinyl is a softer material which may lead to floor pits if the flooring is placed under consistent heavy pressure for a long period of time.

Our vinyl floor boards put an end to needing the right tools, skills or specialists – saving you a lot of time, effort and money to achieve amazing renovation results. Not only could you see an entire room renovated in as little as a day, but there’s hardly any dust or mess involved! Our luxury vinyl flooring is one product you won’t be able to resist.

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