Bathroom style ideas

Not quite sure about what bathroom look to go for? Here are some ideas.

Do you need some design inspiration for your bathroom? We’ve collated some fantastic looks that are easily achieved using our stylish walls and floors range.

All White Everything

Atlantis Tile Panel White 2.4m x 1.2m x 3mm

146.11 ex. VAT

Clever Click Plus Glint Cement

63.25 ex. VAT

Metallic Statement Wall

Retro Metalic

65.87 ex. VAT

Clever Click Plus Venetian Stone

45.62 ex. VAT

Mixed Mosaics

Marble Mosaic

45.29 ex. VAT

Modern Piedra Pastello

43.59 ex. VAT

White wash walls and wood

Frosty White

63.68 ex. VAT

Clever Click Plus Chapman Oak

53.90 ex. VAT

Dreamy marble moment

Pergamon Marble

63.68 ex. VAT

Clever Click Plus Ocean Slate

63.25 ex. VAT

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