Panels vs Tiles: Which is best for your bathroom?

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Panels vs Tiles: Which is best for your bathroom?

Make your bathroom space sparkle with only the right tools.

Whether you’re weighing up your options before a glamorous bathroom renovation, or looking for ways to revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank, one of the most common questions asked is: “what’s actually better for a bathroom, wet panels or tiles?” We are here to answer all of your questions to ensure you get the best bathroom for your buck!

Are panels or tiles more cost-friendly?

Tiles may seem like a cost-friendly solution at first  – however the very nature of tiles means that although affordable, you’re a lot less likely to get the look you truly wanted for your bathroom. This could result in you choosing to replace your tiles sooner, which would, in turn, make it a more costly bathroom makeover.

This is definitely not an issue with wall panels. Our wall panels are available in a vast range of colours, styles and designs, so you’re sure to find the best fit for your bathroom. Wall panels are also a lot easier to clean and maintain than tiles, which means you’re likely to get plenty of wear and enjoyment out of wall panels over the years.

Unless you’re a complete tiling wizard, installing tiles usually calls for hiring specialists – which in turn means spending more money! Our wall panels are easy to install meaning any handyman can do it… in fact, you can even do it yourself! This small perk will lead to a lot of extra savings!


Are panels or tiles better suited for bathrooms?

Whilst tiles are the most common, traditional solution to a bathroom makeover, in recent years, waterproof bathroom panels have seriously increased in popularity as a stylish alternative due to a number of factors including; cost, ease of installation and style. 

So which is the better option for your bathroom? Typically, tiles were fitted for bathrooms due to their water resistant qualities, but this does not make them completely waterproof. Over time the grout can break down allowing water to seep through and harbour dirt, resulting in drainage issues, mould and even mildew. Our Neptune 250 bathroom panel range is completely water-resistant, waving goodbye to black mould and condensation issues. Not only are these panels cost-effective, but they are easy to clean and extremely durable!

So panels will stay cleaner for longer, but what about style? Although tiles were once everyone’s bathroom go to, they have become dated over the years. Tiles don’t leave a lot of room for more modern, creative designs or new variations due to their robust nature, swaying more people towards choosing bathroom panels. Our panels come in a range of styles and sizes, including a whole range of tile effect panels. You can mimic the timeless, traditional look without the work, heavy cleaning regime or traditional tricky grout lines and maintenance.

Are wall panels better than tiles?

We may be a little bit biased, but the reason wall panels are gaining such popularity is the ease, speed and efficiency in which they can be installed. Installing tiles calls for hired specialists, grouting and a whole lot more time spent on the installation process a lot.

Whereas panels can be installed within a matter of hours – which offers endless renovation opportunities. Our bathroom panels offer a hassle free installation process, giving clients the opportunity to completely make-over their bathroom over a free weekend!

Our panels put an end to needing the right tools, skills or specialists – saving you a lot of time, effort and money to achieve amazing renovation results. Not only could you see an entire bathroom renovated in as little as a day, but there’s hardly any dust or mess involved!

How long do bathroom panels last?

Our range of water resistant bathroom panels will continue to look as new as the day you installed them with the right maintenance, which means they will last for years to come. All of our bathroom panels are each stain proof, as well as being completely water-resistant – meaning they’re tough enough to deal with even the most demanding of footfall. 

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