5 easy small business improvements

Jul 30, 2020 | Local Business | 0 comments

5 easy small business improvements

How to make sure you make the most of your small business space.

Looks aren’t everything, but they definitely can help. Put your best foot forward when it comes to the visuals behind your business using these five simple tips. Whether you’re an independent store or quirky coffee shop, a well presented storefront always attracts attention – and therefore custom. That’s why it’s important to present your business in the best possible way – without having to break the bank. We put together five top tips on how to improve your small business space that are convenient and cost-effective.

1. Simple floor fixes for your small business

The floor is the perfect place to start when you are sprucing up your small business space. Give your floor a quick glance over – is it looking tired and grubby? Clever Click Plus flooring is the only solution.

These easy to use, vinyl tiles can be placed over pre-existing flooring and don’t require any adhesives to keep them in place. In other words, you can get the look with minimal hassle. Transform your small business space with just a click of your Clever Click Plus flooring.

With a wear layer of 0.55mm, Clever Click Plus has no problem coping with heavy traffic, therefore making it the perfect fit for any small business space.

small business style nail bar

2. Small improvements to sort out those walls

If your walls are looking a little dreary, save yourself the mess and hassle of painting and redecorate with our PVC wall panels. Fitting is extremely simple and quick, while still providing that seamless finish that is so sought after. Our tiles can even be installed over existing tiles!

With a variety of styles and sizes on offer, we have every tile style you need to create a sensational, small business space. Whether you want to create a calm, relaxing business space or have decided to opt for a more dramatic look, you’re sure to find the right look in the Celuplast range.

small business style restaurant

3. Give the bathroom a spring clean

Now you have your front of house sorted it’s time to look at the back. Give your bathroom a makeover using our wall and ceiling panels. Above all, these panels are ideal for creating a clean bathroom environment, which puts an end to black mould.

Not only are these panels easy to apply, they are also easy to keep clean. Wave goodbye to scrubbing panels and maintaining grout and hello to our Neptune 250 Wall and Ceiling Range. If a fresh and bright bathroom is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

PVC bathroom panels in small business bathroom

4. Make the most of your small businesses garden space

Make sure your outdoor space looks just as good as indoors does, by using our DuraGrass artificial grass rolls. Our artificial grass rolls will have your lawn looking crisp and inviting, perfect for an outdoor seating area or display. Additionally, it is durable, maintenance free and easy to install.

DuraGrass can even be applied to walls, to create that statement wall feature everyone loves. Whether you create a cosy, outdoor nook or a vibrant wall feature, create it with DuraGrass artificial grass.

green feature wall in small business style restaurant

5. Little steps to keep your small business safe

Screen guards are a vital part of any business nowadays. Make the safety of your staff and customer base a visual priority by fitting screen guards wherever necessary. Our acrylic sheets can be suspended, fitted, or free standing to provide extra protection to your staff and the public.

Screen guards are most commonly placed around cashier points, but can be installed at any place point in your small business. In other words, show your staff and customers that you care and install our acrylic sheets wherever you deem necessary.

suspended screen guard in small business

More tips for your small business improvements